Cargo bike your choice

Make cargo bike your choice

It appears that choosing a bike for a family riding becomes more challenging. Would you be surprised to find out that an option for you would pop up just at a minute you had no more option? 

Since cargo bikes were introduced, family rides have become such an amazing experience.  A ride on a cargo bike is quality time spent between both parents and kids. Still wonder why you would rent or buy a cargo bike?

Here is the why! You enjoy a day trip to the zoo or the beach with your family. Or use it for daily errands, weekend trips and everything in between. Your little ones can sit comfortably in the front with the wind in their hair, instead of tucked away in the boring back seat of a stuffy car. A cargo bike allows you to save money, free parking everywhere-insurance is relatively cheap and you don’t need to pay road tax. Just a bit of electricity with an emphasis on a bit: almost 16x less than your electric car.

With a cargo bike the outdoors is much healthier and more fun, parents have less excuse not to go out, because taking your children in the box container is super easy. Additionally, to that, the ride is already a fun activity in itself, for you and your little co-pilots. 

Edwin Bicycle Sales suggests you two types of cargo bike:The two-wheeled model and three-wheeled models with the load at the front (also called Long Johns) and longtails, with the load at the back of the rider (expanded rear carrier). The right cargo bike depends on how you intend to use the bike. Curious about which Urban Arrow electric cargo bike is best for you and how much a bike would cost? Have a glimpse at what is available here